4-in-1 insulation installed with a touch of a button

  • High R-Value - provides energy efficiency
  • Air barrier - improves indoor air quality
  • Vapor control - reduces risk of mold
  • Structural enhancement - increases durability
Robotic cell spraying foam

Spray-R advantages

  • icon user friendly

    Spray-R is user friendly and provides all the robotic, programming, and spray foam knowledge needed

  • icon speed

    Spray foam installed at the speed of your production

  • icon operate

    Operate multiple manufacturing plants from a central location

  • icon subscription

    Spray-R monthly subscription provides ROI in the first 30 days

  • icon safety

    Meets OSHA safety requirements

Spray-R benefits offsite manufacturers, builders and developers


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    MINIMAL UP-FRONT COSTS as equipment and software is provided on a subscription
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    LESS scrap
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    MORE DURABLE PANELS, loss in-transit damage
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    LESS LABOR required

Builders & Developers

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    IMPROVED planning
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    REDUCED TIME onsite
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    Better indoor AIR QUALITY 
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    Documentation to ENSURE QUALITY to future occupant
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Perfect solution when you are short on labor and you need speed, precision and repeatability

Spray-R provides precise and repeatable quality

Stud options

  • Wood studs
  • Metal studs
  • Tstud (tm)

Sheathing options

  • OSB
  • Neopor rigid insulation
  • Other structural sheathing (incl. fire resistant)
  • Drywall
robot spraying foam on wall


Spray-R proudly supports cross-industry collaborations and associations

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