Our process

Spray-R was created with the help, and input of offsite manufacturers for offsite manufacturers.

We took input from key players in offsite construction to make Spray-R the product you wanted and needed to take wall component manufacturers to the next step towards a more complete wall.

Modular factories can more easily provide high-performance building envelope systems and improved indoor air quality through the assistance of Spray-R.

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Spray-R Insulation Process

  • 1
    Panel arrives at spray cell
  • 2
    Pictures taken before spraying for tracebility
  • 3
    Spray foam applied by robot
  • 4
    Pictures taken for tracebility of quality
  • 5
    Panel leaves on the other side for quality control
  • 6
    Approved panels are loaded for transport
  • 7
    Panels installed and WRB added
  • 8
    Roof, windows, doors, MEP added
  • 9
    Insulation and air seeling are completed
  • 10
    Ready for move in
Spray-R process from spraying foam into walls in the Spray-R robotic cell to the transportation on site. After that the walls are assembled and a finished house is displayed.

While installing spray foam can be a messy process that can take years to learn and master the skills in, Spray-R can be used to spray a wall perfectly and repeatably every time. 

Spray-R produces a cleaner wall panel that performs as a thermal barrier, air barrier, vapor control layer, and provides structural enhancement that minimizes transportation and installation damage. 

The end customer receives a stronger structure that is better able to withstand the test of time. 

Contact us to find out how Spray-R can fit into your factory.

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